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I'm a designer with more than five years of experience. In Iran, I have worked in top companies and startups that have a large user base. I have worked on classified-ads, marketplace and car-hailing products previously. As part of Evand, which is a marketplace for event organizers, I worked on the Design System and any other problems the product faced. Divar is one of Iran's most popular classified apps, with more than 35 million users. I was a UX Designer for Marketplace and Chat. Furthermore, Snapp is the largest super app in the Middle East, with more than 40 million active users and 2.5 million rides daily in the car-hailing section.



Product Design Lead

March 2022 - Present

Creating Design Infrastructures
Developing Design System
Improvement of Robot Recording System


Product Designer at Snapp!

April 2021 - March 2022

Being trusted by over 30M Iranians for their daily ride-hailing, Snapp aimed to provide a more user-centered and data-driven user experience in its native and Progressive Web applications.
• Redesigned the passenger app's digital experience and interface by implementing insights from Google Analytics and user data
• Making it easier for drivers to find passengers (caused to create Live Location feature)
• Designing new payment flows such as direct debit and credit payment.
• Improvement of Request for Friend flow by using users’ data.
• Increasing the acceptance rate of drivers (caused to Acceptance Reward feature)
• Improvement the accessibility of the app for impaired peoples.


UX Designer at Divar

May 2020 - April 2021

Leading online classified ads service in Iran. With over 35 million users and a variety of categories.
As a Chat-Team member: • Add video/group-photo sending feature to chat with particular conditions for sellers.
• Improving Response-rate and Response-time
As a Marketplace-Team member: • Increasing the credibility of stores (caused to store gallery feature)
• Increasing business revenue with encourage store owner to post more by new features
• Designing Sales-Assist panel
• Increasing: Quality of photos in the posts by Guide-feature, Findability of the store section on the post page, Engagement of the store owners.


Product Designer at EVAND

June 2018 - May 2020

Iran’s leading event management website that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events; with more than 600k users.
• Creating a design system named Jupiter
• Redesigning the Event Page to increase ticket sales, according to users’ data and heatmap (%11 growth)
• App and website updated with new large feature, CONNECT.
• Redesigning app’s flows to create better experience by users’ data.

Founder Chasboon Stickers

September 2019 - May 2020

Design, Print and Preparing Stickers for laptops, mobile phones and any other things that you want to design with stickers.

Co- Founder at Tiksmart Online Magazine

April 2017 - May 2020

Digital, Technology, Gadgets and Game News!

Layout Designer at GSM Magazine

October 2015 - March 2017

Bestseller magazines in digital and automotive fields.
• Magazine Layout designer. Working with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


UIC Digital Awards 2018


Amin Sohrabi, Saba Karimi: “SGAPP, station guidance application, benefits AR technology and turn by turn voice navigation, to help passengers, especially visually impaired people, to find their direction, at the shortest time.”